Company Profile

Bharti Manufacturing Pvt Ltd was set up in 1984 by Shri Mangalbhai K. Patel, a hardworking and dynamic person. The company based in Naroda, a well-known industrial area of north-east Ahmedabad, truly symbolizes nature of the famed industrial city. The company that started with a basic Rotary furnace setup later on developed Muse furnace and Oil furnace. Finally, in 1992, it upgraded itself to Bharti Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd with a highly advanced setup of Cupola and Induction furnace. Since then there was no looking back and it has grown phenomenally from its modest beginnings to now becoming a prominent and trusted name in casting business with a very wide client base specializing in industries such as Submersible pumps, Engineering, Agriculture, Electric motors, Civil Supply, Textiles and Looms, Elevators (lift and gear box), Machinery, Architectural, Sanitary ware and Decorative grills, Pully Motors, Tools and Automobiles, Cement and Paper, Mining and Small-scale Mechanical industries. At Bharti Manufacturing Pvt Ltd we Manufacture Grey Cast Iron such as (CI) Cast Iron, Graded Casting SG Iron Casting, SG Graded Casting and other various Graded Castings.

The legacy of Shri Mangalbhai K. Patel was carried forward by Shri Bharatbhai Patel and later on by Mr. Dipeshbhai Patel who joined as Production Director. Mrs. Pinkiben Patel is looking after the accounts department as Chief Accountant. Thus a highly qualified and competent team of professionals, consisting of some of the finest talents in the casting industry is our asset. Under the able guidance of Patel Brothers, who have hands on experience from years of hard work, the company has become a name to reckon with, when it comes to quality casting equipment.